Automated Kanban Board Essentials

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Managing your work flow has never been easier! Our Automated Kanban Board will ensure your projects move from start to finish on your terms.


Managing your work flow has never been easier!

Fortunate One Solutions has developed an Automated Kanban Board along side Microsoft MVP, Randy Austin from Excel for Freelancers. This tool has been developed to enable users to maintain control over their projects. Allowing you to track and manage MULTIPLE projects, team members, tasks, stages, and get straight to decision making with a ready built, dynamic dashboard.

This template will ensure your projects move from start to finish while providing a straightforward visualization on the status of projects and tasks!




⚙️ Admin Settings
✓ Set Standard Date Format
✓ Choose what appears on each Kanban Card
✓ Manage your projects and team members
✓ Assign up to 9 different stages
✓ Set Work in Progress limits to ensure no team member is being overwhelmed
✓ Set new task defaults


📝 Task List
✓ Filter ‘A-Z’ or ‘Z-A’ by clicking column headings
✓ Searchable field to locate specific task records
✓ Edit columns to hide or display what you want to see
✓ View task button to jump into detailed task screen


ℹ️ Task Info
✓ Add, edit, and delete tasks
✓ Update task progress
✓ Automatic calculations to monitor task duration, overdue, and individual stage durations
✓ Searchable list to quickly navigate to other tasks


👀 Kanban View
✓ Kanban board loads all tasks into clearly visible ‘cards’
✓ Show or hide certain stages based on your preference
✓ Show or hide priority icons
✓ Filter cards by Project, Team Member, Priority, or overdue.
✓ Single click on ‘card’ to jump to task info detail.


🧐 Insights

✓ Dynamic overview of all tasks
✓ Filter by Project, Team Member, Current Stage, Priority, or Overdue.

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– Developed for Managers, Professionals, Startups, Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
– Automated Excel Kanban Board Template
– Incredible insights using a dynamic dashboard
– VBA Coding has been code signed to prove authenticity.
– Support within 24 hours


This application is protected to ensure users do not accidentally break the application. Changes to background or layout are not manually possible at the moment. If you are interested in minor customizations please send us a message before purchase.

Additional information

Operating System:

Windows or macOS

Recommended: Windows 10

Microsoft Excel Version:

Excel 2016 (Mac & Windows), Excel 2019, Excel 2021, Office 365

Recommended: Office 365

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Recommended: 1 MB file space

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Required for download.

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Lifetime access to the most recent version of this application.


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